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Find the Right Truck for Your Next Job

We are proud to offer Warner trucks to craftspeople and other hard-working folks in our community in Atlanta, GA. Whether you need a new vehicle for your small business or aim to expand your vehicle fleet, our utility trucks for sale likely include a model that suits your circumstances. Warner is famous in the industry for making top-tier service and utility bodies; they are designed by experts for experts.

The Jim Ellis Automotive team can help you determine which of our available Warner work truck bodies is the right match for your work. A service bed will be ideal for folks who regularly transport large objects, while a utility bed configuration is perhaps a better fit for plumbers and other specialized experts.

The Many Uses of Warner Trucks

Our community includes drivers who are working in a variety of fields. One of our Warner trucks will surely serve you well, no matter your vocation. We’ve assembled a list of industries that can benefit from purchasing one of these vehicles:

  • Plumbing
  • Construction
  • Pest control
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Landscaping
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Utility management (water, electric, etc.)
  • Telecommunications maintenance

Warner service truck bodies will be well-suited to some of these industries, while a Warner utility truck will work better for others. Service bodies typically include a wide-open cargo area that can hold equipment that would not fit in, say, a cargo van. If you work in construction, landscaping, or mining, this is probably the way to go – you can strap a large piece of machinery into a Warner service truck.

Warner trucks with a utility configuration, on the other hand, generally have an enclosed cargo space. This is ideal for people who work in pest control, plumbing, and electrical maintenance, among other industries. People who do these jobs have a wide variety of equipment that includes numerous small pieces. Since you want to be able to secure these, a utility bed is often the way to go.

Warner Truck Features

When we discuss Warner trucks, we are talking about vehicles with significant customizations compared to their built-for-market counterparts. Our inventory of modified new trucks for sale has included Chevy and GMC trucks that have service and utility beds. Warner builds these trucks for work in fire and rescue in addition to service and utility industries.

These vehicles typically feature more storage space than a factory-fresh Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD or GMC Sierra 2500 HD, for example. The bed walls of a service model usually feature mounted storage boxes that allow you to carry extra tools or materials while still making use of the main cargo area. Utility models typically also feature outward-facing storage but have an enclosed cargo space.

Warner also builds vehicles with platform bodies, hauler bodies, and even more specialized equipment. The company makes fire and rescue vehicles that are used around the country to protect the public. If you’re in the market for an ambulance or fire vehicle, please reach out to the Jim Ellis Commercial team directly.

We Proudly Offer Warner Trucks for Sale

Our dealership team is pleased to offer a selection of Warner trucks to drivers in Atlanta, GA. These vehicles are a great fit for your growing business, whether it’s just you or a large team. They are designed to excel in a variety of industries; the customization options offered by Warner allow the company to build trucks for pest control, HVAC, and more.

We also offer our Knapheide utility truck inventory for your consideration. Knapheide also builds custom work vehicles that can suit the needs of your next job. Our expert team can help you decide between Warner and Knapheide options if you so desire. Either way, we are excited to do business with you soon.

Please visit our dealership today to check out a Warner truck bed. You’ll be excited by the many possibilities these customizations offer to hard-working folks in Atlanta, GA. When you apply for financing, you’ll see that the team in our finance center works hard to try to secure you the low-rate automotive purchase loan of your dreams. Stop by Jim Ellis Automotive today to check out our muscular and rugged Warner trucks.


What are service trucks used for?

Service trucks are used in a wide variety of industries. You can find models that are well-suited to plumbing businesses, construction operations, and telecommunications maintenance. No matter the field you’re in, one of our Warner work trucks for sale will offer you the capabilities you need to excel. Visit Jim Ellis Automotive today to check out our inventory of work trucks.

What is the difference between a service body and a utility body?

Generally speaking, a service bed is not enclosed, while a utility body is. These configurations are meant for different things: Service beds are ideal for folks who need the flexibility of a pickup bed, while utility bodies are designed for business owners who want to enclose their parts and tools. Pest control, for example, is an industry that typically uses utility beds.

What is the work bed on a truck?

The work bed on a truck is another term for the pickup bed, usually referring to a modified one. On Warner trucks, the bed has usually been modified to offer drivers more utility. This includes outward-facing storage boxes on the walls of the bed, for example. Please reach out to our team in Atlanta, GA, today to learn more about the options available to you.

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