How to Transport a Vending Machine

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How do you transport a vending machine through Atlanta and Marietta? These bulky and unwieldy machines can be great for business, but difficult for transportation companies. Luckily, Jim Ellis Commercial Division is here to help you find the best trucks for vending machine transport. Learn everything you need to know about hauling these machines around Snellville, and visit us in Buford to find transportation solutions that work for you.



Preparing the Machine for Transportation

An unloaded vending machine can weigh between 500 and 1,000 pounds, so how do you transport a vending machine safely? Getting the proper tools is key, so you can ensure that your cargo is completely secure. Here is a quick overview of how to transport a vending machine:

  • Measure Carefully: Tape the height, width, and length of the machine to ensure that you can get it in and out of the doors of the building. Full-size machines need a pallet jack with a minimum 42-inch fok, while smaller machines can be carried with a 36-inch fork.
  • Unplug and Prepare: Make sure that the machine is completely powered down, turned off, and unplugged from the wall before moving it. Tape the power cord securely to the back of the machine. If the machine is filled with product, remove and organize all of the goods to help decrease weight for the move.
  • Use Pallet Jack: Slide the forks of the pallet jack under the machine and pump the handle to lift off the ground. The machine may have short legs on the bottom, so be sure to raise the machine so the legs don’t scrape the floor as you travel.
  • Wrap in Blankets: Wrap the machine in moving blankets, canvas dropcloths, or plastic tarps to give it extra cushion during the move.
  • Gather Help: Get a helper to assist you with visibility during the move and be sure to move slowly. Don’t take any corners too quickly.

Trucks for Vending Machine Transport

Now that your vending machine is ready to go, what are the best trucks for vending machine transport? We recommend a full-size truck or cargo van with a payload of 1,500 pounds. This will give you the power and the capacity to handle the size of your cargo. Some common options are:

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Now you know how to transport a vending machine, but what truck should you choose for the job? Explore our trucks for vending machine transport at Jim Ellis Commercial Division to find your perfect match, and contact us with any questions about delivery vehicles.


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