How to Optimize Your Pest Control Truck: A Guide to Customization And Equipment Selection

How to Optimize Your Pest Control Truck 
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Before purchasing a new commercial van or fleet truck from Jim Ellis Commercial, review our guide for custom pest control vehicle setups, upfit options, and equipment storage solutions. Our team wants to help you design and enjoy the best pest control truck setup for your needs.

There is a lot to consider when designing a custom pest control vehicle setup. From storage options to safety regulations, designing a custom pest control vehicle is crucial to ensure the longevity, efficiency, and safety of your business. In our guide to custom pest control service vehicles, we will thoroughly look at pest control vehicle requirements, integrated spray systems, power and efficiency solutions, and custom pest control branding options that can turn your fleet into mobile billboards for your business.

Tailored Pest Control Configurations

If you are shopping for pest control vehicles for sale in Atlanta, GA, your vehicle must follow certain state standards. Thankfully, the Jim Ellis Commercial team is here to help you customize your pest control vehicle to meet your requirements.

High-Tech Pest Control Equipment

The best pest control vehicle does more than carry chemicals, fans, sprays, and any other equipment that is necessary to eliminate or reduce the presence of pests. Our impressive inventory of pest control vehicles for sale provides upfits with a range of integrated shelving options, spraying systems, and advanced monitoring technologies to make your truck as comprehensive as possible.

Integrated Spraying Systems

If your team relies on a 50-gallon commercial pest control sprayer for treating lingering pests in yards, trees, hedges, or any other type of greenery, you likely want a vehicle that accommodates gasoline-powered pumps and truck-mounted pest control sprayers. Our commercial and fleet vehicle dealer carries pest control spray trucks suited for small to mid-sized spraying jobs. You can rest assured that your truck will comfortably and safely carry spraying equipment for any task, from spraying a small home to treating an apartment complex.

Advanced Monitoring Systems

If you manage a fleet of commercial pest control trucks, you likely have several different tasks to keep track of. Pest control vehicles with fleet management software can help you maintain your team’s schedules, grow your customer base, and deliver excellent service for years to come. Pest control trucks and vans with pest management software and fleet management equipment can improve productivity, efficiency, and ROI, as software makes it easier to see your data privately and securely.

Chemical Storage and Safety in Commercial Vehicles:

Security and Compliance

Regarding pest control truck storage, security and compliance are key. Workers are responsible for ensuring the safe transportation and storage of chemicals and contaminants. The design and placement of chemical cabinets and spill containment systems are essential and must adhere to any guidelines around the transportation and storage of chemicals.

It is also important for workers who operate pest control vehicles to have easy access to emergency response kits and safety equipment, including protective clothing and respiratory gear, in case something does not go according to plan. For example, a comprehensive pest control truck should have a readily accessible emergency kit in place. Storage space is crucial, as you can safely keep an emergency kit in its place without it being moved or shuffled around.

For more work truck storage ideas, reach out to Jim Ellis Commercial. Our team can help you choose a pest control truck for sale that meets your area’s security and compliance guidelines. If you are transporting chemical tanks in a pest control truck, safety regulations may require that the cab be enclosed for driver safety.

Power and Efficiency

It doesn’t matter if your pest control business specializes in quality termite protection, bed bug removal, or rodent control. No matter the task, you need pest control trucks with reliable power systems and onboard electrical generators to power your tools and equipment. Your pest control truck should be a one-stop-shop for each job site: it should contain the equipment, solutions, and preventative materials to get the job done efficiently. When you have all your necessary items to get the job done in one spot, you are more likely to experience a seamless workflow.

Custom Genny’s and Energy-Saving Solutions

When setting up pest control vehicles with onboard generators, it is ideal to secure a vehicle with energy-efficient features that save power and money. A pest control truck does more than transport you, your team, and your equipment from client to client; it’s your mobile office, billboard, and storage facility as well. A pest control vehicle requires job-specific tools and equipment with storage solutions that comply with chemical safety regulations.

Custom Pest Control Truck Ideas

Our guide to custom pest control vehicle setups, upfit options, and equipment storage solutions has covered many essential elements, including security and compliance guidelines, spray system installation, and fleet monitoring systems. However, some areas of custom truck design are often overlooked but come into play throughout the day.

Ladder Racks and Storage

Exterminators must frequently crouch into small spaces inside and outside of homes and businesses, crawl beneath houses, and climb ladders to reach nests high above. It is a job that requires stamina and agility. There is no need to require the inconvenience and hassle of fumbling through equipment and moving bed bug heaters out of the way to access the ladder.

A ladder rack is an easy storage solution that simultaneously provides easy access to the ladder and frees up storage space. Ladder racks are easy to install, and depending on your pest control vehicle, ladder racks can be ceiling-mounted, shelf-mounted, or roof mounted.

Bedslides, Flooring, and Liners

Along with adding decked drawers, custom shelving, and ladder racks to your custom pest control truck, consider installing exterminator truck bedslides and specialty liners. Bedslides are roll-out platforms that slide in and out of your truck’s bed to make equipment easy to access.

Since exterminators regularly load and unload chemicals, specialty bed liners can protect your truck’s bed in the case of a spill or accident. One of the best ways to get custom pest control truck ideas is to look at our used pest control vehicles for sale in Atlanta, GA. You may find the perfect solution that is already built to your requirements.

Custom Pest Control Branding and Visibility:

Customized Exteriors and Branding Options

After you design custom pest control truck shelves and chemical storage solutions, make your pest control vehicle stand out with custom wraps, logos, and signage. Adding your business logo to the vehicle or an eye-catching vehicle wrap can enhance brand visibility and create a professional and memorable impression.

Reflective Signage and Lighting

Along with adding a customized vehicle wrap and logos, another way to customize your pest control vehicle’s exterior and add safety features is with reflective signage and lighting options. After all, not all work takes place during daylight hours. If your team works at night, they may need custom lighting to improve visibility during nighttime operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can pest control vehicles be used in residential areas?

Yes, pest control vehicles are regularly used in residential areas. Professional exterminators are regularly called to people’s homes and yards for termite inspections and removal, rodent containment, bed bug heat treatments, bird control, integrated pest management, and structural fumigation. Cockroach, flea, and ant control are other common duties. Pest control technicians rely on their vehicles to transport the specialty equipment and chemicals needed to complete the job.

What is the average cost of a pest control vehicle?

The cost of a pest control vehicle varies greatly, depending on if the vehicle is new or used, a truck or a van, and if the vehicle has custom upfit options and equipment installed. The best way to get a price quote on a new pest control truck or exterminator van for sale is to call a commercial vehicle dealer and learn about their current inventory.

What types of pests can be controlled with these vehicles?

Pest control companies and exterminators who use custom trucks and vans can provide a wide range of services. Standard extermination services that pest control trucks and vans offer include termite control, bed bug treatments, mice and rodent control, as well as cockroach and flea control. Many pest control treatment and prevention options include traps, sprays, and fumigation. Pest control vehicles are also used outdoors for yard and garden protection.

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